sleep: trackpad settings, screen blanking

Benjamin Herrenschmidt benh at
Thu Nov 22 01:58:21 EST 2001

>[ please CC replies to me ]
>I have a first generation tibook, running Linux 2.4.14, and I have a
>few itches that need scratching:
>1) The screen doesn't always get blanked when it gets put to sleep.
>   Known problem?  Fix being worked on?  If yes, I'd still be curious
>   to hear what the problem was, as I had a cursory look at the code,
>   but didn't have time to do any rebooting/hacking.

Which kernel ? My rsync ? bk _2_4 ? _2_4_devel ? Linus ?

>2) Trackpad settings aren't restored (or saved beforehand?) after
>   sleep.  Same questions apply.

That's normal for now.


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