GigE Performance Comparison of GMAC and SUNGEM Drivers

Anton Blanchard anton at
Wed Nov 21 16:36:13 EST 2001

> That's an understatement.  That's damn good!  I hope I can reproduce
> that.  What NIC card were you using?  Unfortunately, I just checked
> the NetGear web page and they don't seem to have the GA620T anymore.
> They now have a GA622T, but I believe that uses a different chip,
> which I don't think is supported by the acenic driver.

Yes I use acenic type cards (IBM and Netgear GA620). I havent tested
the GA622 at all although I think there is a Linux driver for it.

> Is there any more extensive documentation anywhere for
> how this auto tuning of TCP receive and send buffers is done?

Check out Documentation/networking/ip-sysctl.txt in the kernel source
for some information. Its not much but its a start :)


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