Problem with a IBM ServerRAID and it's PCI-bridge

Anton Blanchard anton at
Wed Nov 21 10:30:50 EST 2001


> We are trying to build the ips driver for the IBM ServerRAID 4H
> card.

The last time I looked, this driver was not endian safe.

> When the kernel is booting do we get some information about some
> fixup function that are moving the cards I/O-adress from fffc00 to
> 1fffc00. (Output from dmesg is included below.)

Thats fine, its due to the way io apertures for different host bridges
are handled. The apertures are mapped in one after the other so that only
the first one has no offset.

If you have more than one host bridge, you have to add the offset since
the io ports are all relative to the start of the first host bridge


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