[Linux-fbdev-devel] atyfb and the Mach64 LT PRO

Benjamin Herrenschmidt benh at kernel.crashing.org
Tue Nov 20 00:19:54 EST 2001

>BTW: if you are adventerous and if the Mach64 stretch registers are
>anything like those iin Rage128 or Radeon, you can check out the latest
>patches to either to see how this is done for those ATI cards and try to
>implement it yourself if you want to.
>A recent post to this mailing list (see the archive for a post whose
>subject is "Scaling registers on r128" from Adrian Cox) supplied a patch
>to the Rage128 that did exactly this.  You may be able to modify it easily.
>Just a thought.

In fact, that depends if you have an LT-G, an LT-Pro or a Mobility M1.

A friend of mine have been hacking with those lately, he'll send more
some more detailed infos once he gets something working.


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