X works somewhat on DFP with latest radeonfb.c

Kevin B. Hendricks khendricks at ivey.uwo.ca
Sun Nov 18 02:48:19 EST 2001

Hi Ben,

Thought you might like to know.  I took a look at the XF410
radeon_driver.c and compared it to the latest versions of radeon_driver.c
in XFreee86 CVS HEAD and they are quite different.

CVS HEAD has a *lot* more support for DFP but since I had the radeonfb
working on the DFP I thought what the hell, and started to try to use XF
4.1.0 radeon_driver.c with only a few small tweaks (ignoring all of the
Flat Panel code which is old and not-working in XF410) with the UseFBDev
Option so all the DFP register stuff is handled by the radeonfb.c driver.

X actually starts up with depths of 8 and depths of 24 (32bpp), and works
but the colors are all wrong:  too many pinks in the 8 bit version and
seemingly random colors in the 24 depth.

So I am going to try and play around with the pallette setting.

Anyway, the nice thing is we are getting close!

I hope they release XF 4.X soon with all the DFP fixes so that I can try
driving the board directly and not use the FrameBuffer which will help me
figure out which one is the culprit.

I tried building CVS HEAD but it was clear that a number of files were not
in a buildable state (missing braces, etc).

Do you know of any tree I could grab that is buildable and does have the
most recent DFP support it in?  I chose HEAD.  Should I have chosen a
specific branch (4.1.99?) instead?

Take care.


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