E15 Carolina Frame Buffer Driver for 2.4

David Monro davidm at amberdata.demon.co.uk
Fri Nov 16 06:01:11 EST 2001

Robert E Brose II wrote:

> I have gotten the 2.2 framebuffer driver for the E15 (internal)
> display adapter in the IBM 7248-133 43p (carolina Prep MB) to
> work (on my machine anyway) in 2.4. This provides a way to
> run X with the 2.4 kernels on this hardware.

Thanks Robert - I was planning to do this work in the next few days, but
it seems you've saved me the work :-)

> It would be interesting to hear if it works on other variations
> of the 7248.

I'll be trying it on my 6070 in the next day or so. Should work fine given its the same motherboard.



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