DFP support for kernel radeonfb.c added

Kevin B. Hendricks khendricks at ivey.uwo.ca
Thu Nov 15 04:52:49 EST 2001


Okay, with lots of help from Ani and Ben and starting with Ani's most
recent radeon code which worked for LCDs and with a lot of testing on my
Apple Flat Panel 17 connected to a Radeon Mac Edition card on the dvi port
with a dviAtor adapter, I now have the DFP support for radeon frame buffer
working well including parsing of the EDID block from OF.

To control all of this, I have added two additional options to the kernel
parameters passed to radeonfb.c

of_edid  - which means look in the OF device tree in /proc
              and grab the detailed timings from the EDID block

dfp        - overrides the monitor detection and set MT_DFP

lcd        - overrides the monitor detection and set MT_LCD

So my kernel line in yaboot.conf looks like the following:


The panel x and y resolution are taken from the EDID block and a
default_var structure is built up from the detailed timings so no change
to the deault block or passing of panel_yres is needed.

I have also fixed the setting of fp_XXX registers including stretch to
properly intialize their values so that if OF does not set them in some
correct "initial state" things will still work.  (I need this to get my
panel working).

All of this depends on their being an EDID block in /proc under the Radeon
device tree (it exists on my machine).  You can simply look in /proc in
the device_tree to see if one exists on your machine (need to have the
monitor connected for it to be created).

Since there are a lot of changes and since other people have submitted
radeon patches recently, I have attached my complete files (radeonfb.c and
radeon.h) in the form of a tar archive to this e-mail so that others may
more easily understand the changes.

I hope this helps others with flat panels but be warned I have only tested
them on my own machine.  So don't come back to me if your FP goes up in
smoke.  Use at your own RISK!

BTW: Using a dviAtor, and an Apple 17 inch flat panel is a real blast and
now all of my eye strain is gone!

Have fun!


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