GCC 2.95.3

Hawkins Jeffrey-CJH016 Jeffrey.F.Hawkins at motorola.com
Tue Nov 13 12:02:57 EST 2001

I am looking for the last release of the GCC 2.95.3
for PowerPC.  From the linuxppc.org FTP Site (under
F. Sirl's area), I have been able to download the
2.95.3-v versions of all the GCC RPMs, except for
the GCC-C++-2.95.3-v.  For this file, I get a File not
on Server Error ????  I tried other Versions of 2.95.3
under the F. Sirl Area, as well as, tried getting files
from the LinuxPPC2000-Q4 and LinuxPPC-STABLE area ---
no luck getting the GCC-C++ RPM :(....

Any help would be appreciated....


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