Scaling registers on r128

Michel Dänzer michdaen at
Tue Nov 13 08:36:13 EST 2001

Adrian Cox wrote:
> This patch to aty128fb is experimental, and intended for the brave.
> The attached patch turns on the panel scaling registers of the R128.
> I've run this on my iBook2, and I've been able to display 640x480 and
> 800x600 modes on the panel successfully.
> The panel sizes are currently hardwired on the iBook. This code will
> benefit greatly from a reliable means to find the panel size.
> This has revealed problems in the X server: if the XF86Config-4
> specifies 800x600 and the current console is in 1024x768, the display
> is broken.

Does switching resolutions in X fix it again?

> This looks like a generic problem in fbdevhw based Xservers, as
> I saw something similar on 69030.

Yes, I suspect some fbdevHW functions return information about the
current console mode instead of the one the X server wants to set up.
I'm not sure how to fix, you seem to be working a lot with that code
recently so I expect you to find a way. :)

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