[RFC] generic MIPS RTC driver

Jun Sun jsun at mvista.com
Tue Nov 13 06:13:51 EST 2001

"Maciej W. Rozycki" wrote:
> On Mon, 12 Nov 2001, Jun Sun wrote:
> > The /dev/rtc interface is highly influenced by MC146818 chip, which not all
> > RTC devices are alike.  The only fundamental thing in the driver is really the
> > read and write time.
>  You need only to keep the interface, which is:
> static struct file_operations rtc_fops = {
>         owner:          THIS_MODULE,
>         llseek:         no_llseek,
>         read:           rtc_read,
> #if RTC_IRQ
>         poll:           rtc_poll,
> #endif
>         ioctl:          rtc_ioctl,
>         open:           rtc_open,
>         release:        rtc_release,
>         fasync:         rtc_fasync,
> };
> Of these you probably must only implement open() and ioctl() -- you may
> provide others as hardware permits -- see how these functions are
> implemented in drivers/char/rtc.c.  The interface is pretty generic, IMHO.
> > If their abstraction is reasonable, perhaps they can all converge to a better,
> > more generic rtc interface.
>  Just implement the ioctls given hardware permits and return -EINVAL for
> others.  Again, they are pretty generic: get/set the time, alarm, epoch,
> disable/enable various interrupts, etc. -- see include/linux/rtc.h.  You
> may propose additional ioctls if they would be useful for particular
> hardware.

Basically agree.

Maybe the only thing really missing is a formal way to determine and report
the capability of the driver, rather through checking the return value being

I guess my original question to Geert is more on the abstraction of the RTC
hardware routines, especially anything beyond rtc_read_time() and


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