IrDA-patched binaries

Jonas Smedegaard dr at
Mon Nov 12 20:52:35 EST 2001

On 11 Nov 2001, Jason E. Stewart wrote:

> "Jonas Smedegaard" <dr at> writes:
> > I have made available kernel and irda-packages with the irda-hacks added
> > to make .
> I was totally thrilled to see this. Because of reiserfs, I need to
> compile my own kernel, so I grabbed the patches a couple of weeks ago.
> I just had time to look at them and it seems that parameters.h has
> changed a *lot* since this patch was made.


> So it looks like the irda_pv_t has lost the *sp,*bp,s, and b fields
> since the patch was made. Since the primary change of the patch is to
> make the b and s fields into structs, I don't really have a clue how
> to procede.
> Can someone suggest anything?

Hi Jason,

My suggestion is have a look at the latest snapshot from with the irda patch
included: 2.4.15-pre1ben0rsync20011108irda20011030

I was lazy that day and didn't archive the snapshot without ida, but there
was no hackery, just a clean patch, so you can undo the pach if you

I am no kernel hacker, so for the current situation what I do myself is
sit tight until someone pops up with a new diff and claims that it works.

Regarding my own testing: I managed to see my Nokia phone in
discovery-mode, but not communicate with it (using libgsm). Might be other
problems, I haven't succeeded recently on my Sony Vaio either, but have
had positive results way back (with 2.4.2 as I recall...).

 - Jonas

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