[PATCH] aty128fb.c

Benjamin Herrenschmidt benh at kernel.crashing.org
Sat Nov 10 07:46:45 EST 2001

>We look for monitor sense values for the cinema display. That's elsewhere
>in the driver. The way aty128fb sets the default res is like this with my
>it looks at machine specific vmodes (powerbook, imac)
>it looks at monitor sense info
>it looks at user specified vmode args and checks to make sure they are sane
>if all of that fails, it uses the aforementioned default
>Even if we don't want 640x480 as the default, we dont have to set it with
>that first hunk I removed, there is another place later in the driver to
>set the default. I removed the big hunk just as a way to say 'lets be
>clear about where we set the default res'.

One problem is that monitor sense values are only for Apple old-style
sensing. We need some DDC code in the fbdevs to do that properly.


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