Marvell/Galileo EV-64260-BP/GT-64260

Mark A. Greer mgreer at
Fri Nov 9 14:50:47 EST 2001

I've just pushed out code for the EV-64260-BP eval board from
It includes support for the GT-64260(A) bridge but I haven't pushed out
the MPSC or Enet drivers yet.  I'll try to get the enet driver out

The work has been done by people from Marvell, Mission Critical Linus,
Xyterra, and MontaVista.

It still needs work.

arch/ppc/kernel/gt64260_common.c has the bridge related code which is in
pretty good shape
arch/ppc/kernel/gt64260_pic.c has the interrupt code which needs work
and it too ev64260-specific

arch/ppc/platforms/ev664260* have the EV-64260 specific code.

This code comes up fine on a GT-64260 but has problems with errata with
the intr ctlr and PCI interrupts.  The GT-64260A comes up fine too, if
you use the integrated enet ctlr (which, of course I didn't push the
driver for), but there is still something wrong with PCI devices
(probably a PCI abitration problem).

Feel free to check it out, constructively comment, and improve it.

BTW, I punted on the issue of sharing with MIPS (64240(A)).  I justed
wanted to get what I have out there for people to start using/improving.

That's all I can think of right now.


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