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> ChangeSet at 1.612, 2001-11-08 12:29:36-07:00, trini at opus.bloom.county
>   Make serial_init (in wrapper) take two args.

I was thinking about this a bit.  The problem is that we have multiple
types of serial controllers we need to 'init' some how.  We have the
ns1655x style ones in most 6xx/7xx/74xx and 4xx boards, and the
integrated controllers in 8xx and 8260 CPUs which have their own way of
being init'ed.  We can either a) have a 'serial_init' function which
will do the right thing, even in the case of one file which can work on
both.  b) We kill the idea of one serial_init which always does the
right thing.  That lead to something like:
#ifdef CONFIG_4xx
	ns1655x_init(0); /* Use channel 0 from the table */
	mpc_serial_init(bp); /* Use the bd_t struct to init this */

Comments?  Does the current (first) way rub anyone horribly wrong?  Is
there an even better idea out there?

Tom Rini (TR1265)

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