[PATCH]: Make radeonfb work alot better with new powerbooks

Benjamin Herrenschmidt benh at kernel.crashing.org
Fri Nov 9 03:38:48 EST 2001

>On Thursday, November 8, 2001, at 05:22  AM, Benjamin Herrenschmidt
>>> This patch makes the radeonfb work a lot better on the rev b
>>> powerbooks.
>>> It's against benh's latest, as of last night.
>> Heh, Great ! I ordered a new TiPb but didn't get it yet :)
>They are very nice.
>In case you were wondering, here's a rundown of how things work:
>Firewire is an LSI FW500 chip (AFAICT), and works with ohci1394 in your
>tree without any changes.

It's not UniNorth internal firewire ? weird...

>The ethernet phy is something i've never seen before (It works, being
>detected as a generic PHY). It's got an ID number that doesn't seem to
>be like any of the others we can detect, but i could be wrong.

Apple love using a new phy for each new model. I just hope it's not yet
another undocumented broadcom part... well if it is (which is probably
the case if it's a gigabit), we might have to wait for the darwin driver
to get updated before beeing able to do gigabit.

>Sound seems the same as the ibook2 (TAS chip).

Ok, looks like I'll finally have a good excuse to work on this driver :)

>The code to do i2c on the radeon and aty128fb doesn't seem that tricky
>to implement ( At least, from reading the xfree86 drivers), so i might
>take a whack at it.

Ok. New coders are always welcome ;) There are a lot of things that would
be great on both the M3 (r128) and the new radeon: better support for
external CRT, support for S-video output, better panel detect...


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