[PATCH]: Make radeonfb work alot better with new powerbooks

Benjamin Herrenschmidt benh at kernel.crashing.org
Thu Nov 8 21:22:37 EST 2001

>This patch makes the radeonfb work a lot better on the rev b powerbooks.
>It's against benh's latest, as of last night.

Heh, Great ! I ordered a new TiPb but didn't get it yet :)

Could you send me a tarball of /proc/device-tree ?

>1. Any other mode besides 640x480 was absurdly slow. Unusable, in fact.
>It now is pretty darn quick, and completely usable.
>2. It would default to 640x480, rather than 1152x768, on rev b powerbooks.
>3. It would also determine that we had no monitor, and no display panel,
>because it couldn't read the video bios that doesn't exist in the
>In reality, the LCD is on the DVI port.
>So for rev b powerbooks, we go ahead and say so, and let it detect
>the flat panel size/stretching/etc.

We need to fix this for DVI LCDs as well, for both radeon and aty128fb.

"Mac" radeons will put the monitor EDID in the device-tree, so we could
probably just parse that, but r128's firmware won't. I'd rather implement
the proper i2c code for reading that and add a generic fbdev ioctl for
retreiveing it (as it's not card specific) so userland tools can use it
to generate proper XF86Config as well.

>4. It would assume blanking meant blanking the crt. It will now turn off
>the lcd as well.
>5. It now supports the backlevel lighting control. It's the same on the
>rage128 and the radeon, so i copied and renamed the routines from

Beware with blanking of the CRT/LCD. The current code I have for r128
seem to have problems. I've user reports on r128 of "burned" lines after
keeping the LCD off a long timech fortunately disappeared, but only after
several hours of normal use. I suspect a different shutdown sequence should
be used to properly turn off the LVDS and the panel itself, but I don't know
what for sure, the docs I have from ATI aren't very precise.

I want to remove part of that code and let only LVDS_DIS and backlight off.

>It *shouldn't* have any problems on a normal radeon powermac, but i don't
>have one to try it out on.

I'll try it on the radeon AGP card I have at work, if it still works, I'll
include it in my tree and bk _devel.

>Hopefully, this is useful for someone besides me.

Yup ;)


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