dmasound_pmac in 2_4_devel

Matt Brubeck mbrubeck at
Mon Nov 5 16:08:42 EST 2001

I'm doing work that requires sound input.  In order to use the built-in
microphone on my iMac (screamerawacs) I compiled the current 2_4_devel
source, which has Iain Sandoe's dmasound_pmac patches. There were several
issues I hope to resolve.

I found a very audible clicking and popping during audio playback.  This
is noticeable e.g. when playing normal MP3 files with xmms.  The clicking
does not occur with the driver in the (non-devel) 2_4 tree.  I also had
some programs lock up while playing sound.

There were some other sound problems I haven't tracked down yet.  Before I
continue working on this, I'd like to find out who is actively working on
the dmasound_pmac driver, and where I can get more information.  I'm
willing to work on the driver, but I'm new to the code and could use some
help getting started.

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