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> Vendor                Extension               How
> IBM Spruce            .spruce                 ???
> Force PowerCore       .pcore                  PowerBoot (Force firmware)
> Force PowerPMC 250    .pcore                  PowerBoot
> M.E.N. F1             .menf1                  ??? (Probably custom fw).
> Motorola LoPEC        .pplus/.bugboot[1]      PPCBUG
> Motorola MCPN765      same                    same
> Motorola MVME5100     same                    same
> Motorola PrPMC750     same                    same
> Motorola PrPMC750     same                    same
> Motorola Sandpoint    .sandpoint              DINK32

also: Sandpoint         .PPCBoot		PPCBoot

> SBS Adirondack        - Uses runlnx, no in-kernel booting bits
> SBS K2                .k2                     pmon
> Zynx 4500             .zx4500                 ??


  "CU824" Board (8240)
  Microsys Electronics	.PPCBoot		PPCBoot

  MOUSSE Board (8240)	.PPCBoot		PPCBoot

  EVB64260 (74xx)	.PPCBoot		PPCBoot

> Why is the how important?  With the exception of firmware-deficiencies,
> the current wrapper doesn't really care what it came from.  And they

...or there is no wrapper at all.

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