Patch to fix support for PNIC_II in tulip driver

Kevin B. Hendricks khendricks at
Thu Nov 1 02:42:00 EST 2001


Attached is the patch that fixes support for the Lite-On PNIC_II for the
tulip driver on my machine for kernels 2.4.X.

So if you are using a NIC that includes the Lite-ON PNIC_II (LC82C115)
please give this a try.  This includes some AsanteFast 10/100 cards that
run under both Mac OSX and PPC Linux.  Specifically the AsanteFast 10/100
with Part Number: 61-20590-01 uses this chip and this is the card all
testing was done for.

Special thanks to Jeff Garzik for answering some questions and providing
the PNIC_II datasheet and the datasheet of the Intel/DEC 21143 which it is
similar to.  Without those docs, I would have been lost for sure.

NOTE: This patch is just being submitted with this e-mail and therefore
has *NOT* yet been accepted by Jeff (the official tulip driver maintainer)
but it works fine for me and hopefully for others who are having troubles
with some AsanteFast 10/100 NIC cards.  But there are no guarantees.

Feedback welcome.

Hope this helps.


- now back to fixing my Adaptec scsi driver

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