pismo sleep behaviour w/ 2.4.4-benh

Benjamin Herrenschmidt benh at kernel.crashing.org
Mon May 14 06:57:07 EST 2001

>well, that's just what i'm using.
>but i have a suse distro (7.1).
>it works for you ?  no falling asleep, no lockups ?

I never had the falling asleep problem. For some reason, your
pmud either receives a sleep message from somebody, or incorrectly
thinks it got one...

I had a few lockups, most related to problems with the kernel
console code (when sleeping from console). I never had a lockup
in X but I know that some part of the kernel are quite fragile
regarding power management (USB for example).

Do you have any other device attached ? (like a PCMCIA card ?)

>are there subtle hardware differences on some pismos ?
>or could it be due to the distro.... pretty unlikely IMHO, given the
>fact that i ditched the SuSE kernel and used yours.
>all i could think of are the card manager and the userland usb
>btw, i put the book asleep with snooze -f (circumventing pmud), and
>it came back without going back to sleep. so yes, the problem seems
>to be pmud.

You probably need to alter your /etc/pwrctl script, yes. I don't
have mine at hand right now, I'll send it tomorrow.


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