pismo sleep behaviour w/ 2.4.4-benh

Benjamin Herrenschmidt benh at kernel.crashing.org
Sun May 13 23:13:52 EST 2001

>ok, to recap this:
>sleeping works for you on  a ti powerbook with the same kernel i
>use, you are also using pmud
>version @(#)$Id: pmud.c,v 1.10 2000/11/21 20:58:32 stephan Exp $,
>and you suspect it's pmud that's causing me grief ?

Not exactly. I use pmud 0.7-2 on a Pismo PowerBook (which is approx
the same motherboard as the TiBook).

>i will use snooze -f for a while to check if that cures it, and
>start nagging stephan if it does :)

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