pismo sleep behaviour w/ 2.4.4-benh

Benjamin Herrenschmidt benh at kernel.crashing.org
Sun May 13 20:06:49 EST 2001

>well, it looks like it's going to sleep, but the standby led doesn't
>blink. just like when i switch it off, except i can't switch it on
>again by simply pressing "power", so i suspect it hangs.

Ok, well, it dies. Are you in console or X mode when that happens ?
>> >* the box falls asleep sometimes even when i'm busy typing or moving
>> >the mouse. this happens at least once every half hour.
>> What do you mean by "fall asleep" ? it stops working ? how do you
>> get it back ?

>it enters sleep mode, even though there are pretty many keyboard and
>mouse events that should keep it from doing so.
>i get it back by pressing a key after waiting a few seconds.
>(immediately after entering sleep mode, key events seem to be
>ignored for a few seconds.)

Are you sure it's actually sleep mode (with the blinking sleep LED) ?
and not the console blank mode or X blank mode ?

That's really weird.... maybe pmud incorrectly thinks you are running
off an empty battery ?


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