2.4.5-pre1 hangs on Wallstreet

Benjamin Herrenschmidt benh at kernel.crashing.org
Sat May 5 10:05:56 EST 2001

>> I built the latest bk tree this morning after rsyncing, and on boot, I
>> only get the initial black screen, then it stops.  No dump, no monitor,
>> no nothing.  Where do I go from here?
>An update:  it hangs after printing out the "MMU: exit" message.  On my
>2.4.4 kernel, it goes on to tell me "xmon uses screen and keyboard" on
>the next line, but on 2.4.5-pre1, it just stops.

BootX/miBoot booting was broken lately.

I added a workaround to my rsync tree, I'll try to come up with a
better solution for bk this week-end.


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