Success! (was Re: External Monitor under Pismo)

Jason E. Stewart jason at
Sat May 5 03:14:28 EST 2001

"Michel Dänzer" <michdaen at> writes:

> > Bummer... seems like XFree86 has ProjectRoot hard-coded into the
> > binary. I'll have to recompile with ProjectRoot not redefined.
> Why?
> Note that you needn't install anything to try a new version, check out the
> -modulepath option of the XFree86 binary. Sorry I forgot to point this out
> earlier.

Aaah... yes, that would have helped. I figured there had to be an
option like that. My mistake was to go looking for an environment
variable and not for a command line option. Next time, I'll just write
an email.

OK. With the new XFree86 binary it can't load the r128 driver:

(EE) R128(0): Cannot read V_BIOS (4)

I'm attaching the whole log, as well as my config file.


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