Success! (was Re: External Monitor under Pismo)

Jason E. Stewart jason at
Fri May 4 12:10:31 EST 2001

"Michel Dänzer" <michdaen at> writes:

> I am reluctant to do that. I'd prefer to get a solution into XFree86.
> Someone please try the attached patch against current CVS. It turns Option
> "UseBIOSDisplay" (which probably doesn't work for us - no BIOS here...) into
> Option "Display" which accepts modes "CRT", "FP", "Mirror" and "BIOS".

Hey Michel,

I've had a heck of a time with this one. Using the new r128_drv.o that
I compile from the CVS HEAD gives me an error that the module is using
a newer ABI than the server...

So I compiled and installed the whole X package from CVS (into
/usr/X11R6-local using ProjectRoot). I get some strange behavior,
namely it doesn't find my .xsession and the keyboard input is messed
up (I have to type '1', 'n', '5', '3', '8') to type exit<return>.

I tried to use my old X configuration and it doesn't work at all,
server just hangs. I figured some configuration files in /etc/X11 must
have gotten stomped by the CVS install of X, so I ran dpkg --remove of
xserver-common and xserver-xfree86, followed by an apt-get install,
but it's still hosed.


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