Benh-2.4.4-pre3 kills linuxconf

Martin Costabel costabel at
Wed May 2 01:31:21 EST 2001

Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:
> >For a long time, I have been using linuxconf to switch between home and
> >office configurations on my iBook. This worked up to kernel version
> >2.4.4-pre1 (rsynced from the benh tree on April 12). With 2.4.4-pre3,
> >rsynced yesterday, linuxconf doesn't work any more. When I type
> >"linuxconf", it just sits there and waits, doing nothing. When I stop it
> >with ^C, then subsequent calls of linuxconf come back immediately saying
> >"Broken pipe." The kernel config is the same in both cases.
> >
> >Has anyone seen this?
> No, but I don't use linuxconf...

I found a small patch for kernel/fork.c on the linux-kernel mailing list
that solves this problem. It seems that others consider the change to
this file that occurred between 2.4.4-pre1 and pre3 a bug, too.


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