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Kári Davíðsson kd at flaga.is
Tue Mar 13 20:49:21 EST 2001

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> Ummm... The flash stuff is just adding NEW files. The fact they  have
> been tested on PPC only should not create a problem adding the files.
> Many people add x86 drivers that don't work on PPC ;-)


> * AMD   flash chip support
> * INTEL flash chip support


>   PCMCIA port, and for real PCCARD interfaces like CompactFlash or
>   harddisk adapter cards, but without need for the full PCMCIA
>   package; also usable for boot devices).

Isn't this exactly what mtd is dooing, i.e. generating a general
interface to flash devices.
Isn't this a duplication of work, and deemed to be rejected from the
official kernel because the mtd is allready in the official kernel?


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