provision of "driver" type facilities from user-space

Iain Sandoe iain at
Sat Mar 10 05:15:03 EST 2001

hi list,

I want to put a layer in between user-space and a driver (dmasound).

The reason is - that I want to provide facilities (transparently) to
applications and these facilities cannot be (sensibly) placed in the driver
[e.g. rate conversion and so on].

In this case to make dmasound look like it can do "anything" and help
support (easily) apps that don't really bother to check for h/w capabilities

It isn't really the best solution to bloat each and every app with code to
do the job - some form of sharing seems to be the right way.

so solution 1:

provide a pseudo-oss interface via a library:

psuedo_oss_open(), pseudo_oss_read() .... etc. etc.

so app source is amended and then linked with a lib providing the
appropriate stuff in user-space...

not, probably, going to be popular...

solution 2:

??? is there a way of doing this without the apps being amended but _still_
making sure that code that belongs in user-space resides and is executed

preferably allowing apps to think they are just talking to /dev/dsp


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