Support for Marvell's GT-64260 system controller

Josh Huber huber at
Thu Jun 28 06:47:13 EST 2001

Over here at Mission Critical we've been working on ports for both
ppcboot and the kernel to the GT-64260 (Discovery) system controller.

This is just a heads-up, since we're to the point of usability and
have made the sources available for download via our Open Source
Software web site:

>From there you can grab the 1.0.1 version of ppcboot, Linux kernel
sources and a sample root filesystem (based on Debian GNU/Linux).  The
changes required have already made it into the stock version of
ppcboot, and I hear that the kernel source changes are on their way

This code has been known to run on the Marvell Evaluation Board
(EVB-64260), modifications will (of course) be necessary to support a
custom board.

Have a nice day,

Josh Huber

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