Crash on BenH's latest rsync (2.4.6-pre3)

Benjamin Herrenschmidt benh at
Wed Jun 27 06:51:47 EST 2001

>Not this one in particular, but I'm tracking 2 different oopses w/
>the tree on a new iBook right now.  2.4.5-pre3 is rock solid too :)
>How did you get that oops?  There seems to be a problem w/ inserting
>power to a sleeping 'book.  Or at least w/ this one.

The biggest difference between 2.4.5-pre3 and my current tree is
(except from linux maintstream changes) the new MM layer and
merging of all the linuxppc_2_4_devel work.

It would be helpful for me if you could both try out the current
_2_4_devel tree and tell me if it exhibit the same symtoms. Well,
I beleive sleep won't work on the iBook, so that cannot be tested,
but at least Michel can try it out and tell me.

I currently fail to see what in my recent changes could explain
such weird/random crashes. As far as the iBook is concerned, it
may well be yet another HW issue with a device playing mad
tricks to memory, but I still doubt it.

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