Problems with 2.4.5

Michael Peeters michael at
Wed Jun 27 00:25:03 EST 2001

Hi Scott,
I'm having exactly the smae problem.
Apparently __change_bit and some other nonatomic bit operation are not
defined in asm-ppc/bitops.h. I made a patch. I'll mail at your own peril:
this is my first attempt at muddling in kernel stuff (but it is mostly
cut_and_paste, so I think ... it should work - it does for me anyway).

It compiles, but I haven't had the chance to reboot the machine yet
(it is at a remote location).

I you want, I'll keep you posted

Michael Peeters

P.S. Could it be I have a book you wrote ? Or is this a question you
are getting sick and tired of getting ?

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