getting the 8600 to boot 2.4.5

Michel Lanners mlan at
Sun Jun 24 19:54:29 EST 2001

On  22 Jun, this message from Guillaume Laurès echoed through cyberspace:
> The trick is that in 2.4 kernel, linux tries to open the first frame
> buffer, and on machines of the 8x00 class this mean opening the sixty
> convoluer, a frame buffer that allows the use of the video output (Y/C
> and composite).

Ah, there it is! I've long wondered how Sixty6 would appear in the
device tree ;-)

> Unfortunately, linux has not a driver for it

Would be a fun project to write one ;-)

> controlfb: Memory bank 1 present, bank 2 absent, total VRAM 2MB
> On a side note, this is wrong, I have the 2 banks filled, but I'll check
> this later

Yeah; Takashi Oe fixed the VRAM detection for good, but it seems his
patches have not made into any released tree yet. Maybe it's in BenH's
tree; but I didn't check recently.

If you're desperate, I can try to dig it out.


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