ati_drv.o & fonts in XFree86-4.1

Kohkichi Hosoda khosoda at
Sun Jun 24 17:13:24 EST 2001

Sorry for self-reply.

Application of XFree86-4.1-AJ-atim64.drv-v4.0.patch from
Fukui-san's src.rpm and recompilation of ati directory
almost solved the problem.  Actually, I exchanged original
drivers of xf4.1 for these new ati_drv.o and atimisc_drv.o.
I still have a little bit weird fonts on X, but it's OK and
much more readable.  In addition, x11perf --scroll500 showed
118.0/sec on 24 depth again.  Great!

Thank you for your kind advice, Oikawa-san.

Kohkichi Hosoda

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