2.4.8-p1 crash on startup (was Clock problem)

Iain Sandoe iain at sandoe.co.uk
Tue Jul 31 02:44:59 EST 2001

> 2.4.8-pre1 boots if I don't let it find its modules. If it finds them,
> then something (probably dmasound_awacs) writes garbage into the
> framebuffer and produces a crash complete with zapped PRAM.

You need to apply the latest set of patches to 2.4.8p1 if you intend using
dmasound - AFAIK the BK version has a reference to an obsolete function.

Ben's tree has the latest patches (apart from the Power Computing stuff -
but that doesn't affect you).

If all those are 'true' as it were - can you confirm it is dmasound_pmac() ?

with the latest set of patches it is *supposed* to be much more friendly to
non-awacs chips (doesn't make them work, but is supposed to ignore stuff it
doesn't understand...).

If that's not the case I want to fix it...

It's also puzzling in a way because dmasound_pmac doesn't try to do DMA
unless you do SysBeep() or output a sound.  Until then the only regs it
should touch are in mac-io.


2.4.8-p1 is fine on 9600/233, g3/beige & g4/500/sawtooth (but these all have
AWACS or Screamer).  Haven't tied the Lombard yet (but don't expect any
difference really).


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