Clock problem

Bastien Nocera hadess at
Mon Jul 30 08:51:07 EST 2001

Ethan Blanton wrote:

>Bastien Nocera spake unto us the following wisdom:
>>So after a session of IRC, and some nasty clock problems, Joseph and I
>>(especially Joseph in fact ;) managed to get this working alright on an
>>iBook2. I attach a newer working version of keyevd that Joseph fixed
>>after my previous post, and to which I added eject (uses the eject
>>utility somewhere in your PATH).
>Are those "clock problems" by any chance a *mean* drift?  (on the
mean ? not really, goes back to 1933 after each reboot...

>order of seconds per minute)  I had that problem, and BenH suggested
>that I comment out two lines in pmac_time.c (via_calibrate_decr () in
>an if statement and the following line).  That worked like a charm.
>That said, it looks like maybe he's fixed it in the 2.4.7-ben0.  I
>haven't yet tried booting it, but I see that there's an extra if
>clause that was not there before.

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