[dmasound] Power Computing DEAD dbdma fix (finally)

Iain Sandoe iain at sandoe.co.uk
Sat Jul 28 05:45:11 EST 2001

Hi List,

Here is (finally working, we think) a patch for people with Power Computing
machines which exhibit DEAD dbdma status on PCI/dma interaction.

This patch is for test - the driver ID comes up 99.7 - and please ignore the
comment about spin-locks.  I've left those out of the patch because they are
still under test.

Many thanks to Michael Zucca who tested the latest set of changes and Kostas
Gewrgiou who did most of the orignally trials...

Please note that it cannot cure the "glitch" - by the time dbdma is DEAD the
damage is done - what it should do is to keep the sound going with minimum

The patch should apply to either BK 2.4.x  (after my other patch has been
applied) or to Ben H's tree (which already has those patches).

enjoy - and Power Computing machine owners - tell us how it does.

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