Sound stoppage on PowerCenter 132

Iain Sandoe iain at
Wed Jul 25 03:07:57 EST 2001

Hi Michael,

> Ok, it's been a long time since I last posted. I've been busy :-)

tell me about it :-(((

> I rsync'd the benh-2.4 tree from 7/24 and compiled it. I checked the awacs
> driver and it seems to contain the code which handles the DMA DEAD
> condition.
> The problem still seems to be the same. If I play an mp3 using mpg123, the
> song plays fine. However, if I introduce enough PCI traffic (like, say,
> opening up Netscape in X for my ATI PCI video card), the song stops dead
> (no sound) but the mpg123 seems to stick around, presumably waiting on the
> device.

*sigh* ... well, as the comments say, - it was a trial - I have no h/w to
test on ...

> The code "seems" more robust under X but that could just be my imagination.

actually, it should be (generally) more robust ... (but that might be just
my sales-pitch ;-))

> BTW, I have a PowerCenter 132 with a 750 upgrade in it, if that makes any
> difference.

I don't think that the 750 makes any difference - the problem is out in IO
land (AFAICT).

OK.  I want to fix this (there are a few PowerCentre users out there)...
but I need someone with h/w to help me ...

You need to enable DEBUG_DMASOUND and rebuild the modules ... it should then
put (at least a little) stuff out to the console saying what it's trying to
do ...

I'm considering re-jigging the IRQ code in dmasound_pmac anyway (to make SMP
handling more sane)....

I don't (at the moment) have much linux time available ... but I'll have a
go (or make suggestions of things to try - if you can test it)...


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