userspace button controls

Michael Schmitz schmitz at
Wed Jul 25 01:36:55 EST 2001

On Tue, 24 Jul 2001, Joseph P. Garcia wrote:

> attached is a tar.gz of a few files I've created as a solution to powerbook buttons.
> - buttons.patch: brings all 5 adb-buttons to userspace via NIL's
> events via the keyboard.  New keys added to input.h.  With proper
> support, the user could see these keypresses, and use them.  This also
> does not use the pmac_backlight.c file, in exchange for a new
> framebuffer ioctl, existant in chipsfb, atyfb, and aty128fb.  The only
> interdependancy is between chipsfb/atyfb and via-pmu for backlight
> control for lombard and earlier.  The pmu's backlight ioctl was
> removed.  So sound controls are in the mixer (unchanged), backlight
> controls are in the fb rather than pmu, and the adbbuttons are simple

You're talking about PMU_IOC_SET/GET_BACKLIGHT? Thanks for breaking pmud
:-) Please make that a config option, or get Stephan Leemburg to change
pmud before this leaks into kernels built for the unsuspecting user.

Please don't get me wrong: I'm all for changing this long term, I'd just
rather not see a repeat of the inputdev compatibility fiasco ...


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