powermac (other ppc?) events

Michael Schmitz schmitz at zirkon.biophys.uni-duesseldorf.de
Fri Jul 20 22:17:51 EST 2001

> > That was my idea in this - have some sound event daemon watch for events
> > and call the proper ioctl. What was with the sound driver only permitting
> > a single open() at a time? Would aumix running block the sound
> > event daemon's ioctl?
> The single open() rule is for /dev/dsp ... it is part of the OSS spec.

OK, I assumed it applied for all interfaces.

> Up until my latest set of patches we were breaking this rule.  As of today
> those patches are in Ben's tree but not BK (although they are in my ftp
> space on penguinppc.org as well).

I recalled you mentioned this lately, so I asked :-)

> /dev/mixerXX can be opened multiple times - so this doesn't affect aumix et.
> al.

Fine then. We just need to figure what's the default mixer to use, then.


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