2.4 - buttons, temperature, ictc

Michael Schmitz schmitz at opal.biophys.uni-duesseldorf.de
Thu Jul 19 06:10:46 EST 2001

> >>>Why pmud? For backlight I kind of see how you'd get that notion. But
> >>>volume?
> >>>
> Why would pmud make sense for the backlight ? because changing the
> backlight settings saves power ? ..Right.

Sort of.

> With Ben's latest changes (the /proc/pmu/* for example), pmud should
> only be a daemon waiting for events, ie:
> - sleep event: execute a bunch of shell commands (the pwrctl script
> should really be split into foo.d directories)

Yep. Plus any other power status change events. /proc/pmu has got nothing
to do with it, neither has /proc/apm.

> - backlight keypress event: change the backlight

Nope. Not power related. Not 'PMU'd.

> - volume keypress event would be a bad idea to implement inside pmud
> because that's the kind of thing you want visual feedback for, and there
> are a lot of different sound implementations that this could be built on
> top of. (aRts/alsa/oss)

Nope. See above.

> - eject keypress event: eject the damn CD !

Neither. Again, see above. Write a general purpose all powerful event
daemon for this. Don't bloat pmud because of some unspecific desire for
feeping creaturitis. This is Linux (Unix), not MockOS.

> Better yet for handling the volume would be to get all these keys
> recognized by the Linux kernel (these keys don't produce any recognized

Nope, not longer an option (kernel bloat, even worse than app bloat).


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