2.4.7preX - unresolved symbols/compilation problem

Ethan Blanton eblanton at cs.ohiou.edu
Wed Jul 18 03:15:57 EST 2001

Armando Di Cianno spake unto us the following wisdom:
> I started with an ultra-basic install of YellowDog 2.0 on my TiBook (I
> wanted the glibc 2.2, and I like compiling everything else by hand).
> However, now that everything is up to par, I tried compiling both the benh
> and bk 2.4.7preX trees, and while they compile, upon reboot, all modules
> complain about unresolved symbols, even though cat'ng System.map reveals
> that those symbols are there (stuff like printk!!!).

I had this problem, too, when I just updated and then 'make oldconfig;
make dep vmlinux...'d it.  However, a 'make distclean' and then
reconfiguring fixed it for me.

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