Internal airport card not working? (2.4.6-benh)

Ethan Blanton eblanton at
Sun Jul 15 03:12:55 EST 2001

Jeremy Radlow spake unto us the following wisdom:
> Under 2.4.6 on an iBook, I'm apparently having ARP problems with Airport...
> When I try to ping other machines on the network, I can see the activity
> lights on my base station and the target machines' ethernet ports, and the
> other machines on my LAN see the airport card in their ARP cache, but the
> laptop with the airport card doesn't get anything in its ARP cache.
> When I snoop the traffic using tcpdump, all I see is a bunch of spurious ARP
> who-has messages originating from the laptop, and is-at messages originating
> from the target machines.

I'm running BenH's 2.4.6 from about a week ago, and I get similar
behavior...  *eventually* I find the destination and connect or
whatever, but it takes quite a few seconds.

Removing the driver stack (airport, orinoco, hermes) and reinserting
the modules fixes the problem for me...  Until I suspend and resume a
few times, at which point I'll have to remove/reinsert again.

I know that's not a *fix*, but it should get you working again in the
meantime.  :-)

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