Booting 43P-140

Olaf Hering olh at
Sat Jul 14 09:02:38 EST 2001

On Fri, Jul 13, Leigh Brown wrote:

> Thanks Tom and Todd!  Updating to the latest firmware did the trick.
> I can now boot both the SuSE kernel and even my homebrew 2.4.7pre4.
> Unfortunately, the SuSE kernel doesn't match the ramdisk on their site
> so I can't load a network card driver to complete the installation.
> I'll have to build my own 2.4.1 kernel and ramdisk to complete the
> SuSE install, unless anyone has any other ideas?

compile either the pcnet32 or tulip driver into the kernel.

what kernel source tree is that 2.4.7pre4?

Gruss Olaf

 $ man clone

       Main feature not yet implemented...

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