bug list, who does things & so on.

Iain Sandoe iain at sandoe.co.uk
Mon Jan 22 16:00:46 EST 2001

>> And on that note... what do we have for bug-tracking systems for ppc kernel
>> related stuff? The collective memory of people on these to mailing lists?
>> I know someone mentioned a sourceforge page at one point.. is anyone useing
> There is a sourceforge page. It hasn't been active which probably isn't a good
> thing. I know I'm keeping a bug list on paper that I know about. It's not a
> list.  Happy to put it out on sourceforge...  just don't want it all to be a
> of time tho. I'm sure Olaf might have a bug or two to contribute 8-)

I was thinking about this the other day.

I would like to see a bug list for the sound stuff (not necessarily
separate) but so that:

(a) there is some record of what problems people have
(b) there is some way of putting app-related problems to the app maintainers
(see thread on endian-ness)


also it is not terribly obvious how it is decided if a patch is picked up
and by whom...

if patches are rejected (for some reason) - then it is useful for the patch
author to know this.

it sometimes has the appearance of being a sort of black hole for diffs...


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