state of SMP on daystar quad-604 board

Benjamin Herrenschmidt benh at
Sat Jan 13 19:39:22 EST 2001

>Also, could somone point me in the right direction regarding the how to
>this stuff (beyond what the typical book-about-kernel will tell me)?
>Scouring the web revealed almost no usefull docs on the quad boards.

There are 2 different things:

 - The old Apple/Daystar 2 CPUs cards. Those should work
 - The old but slightly newer Daystar 2 and 4 CPUs card (using a different
   mecanism from the previous ones). For those I added support, but the
   current _2_4 code is slightly bogus.

First, apply this patch:

-#define PSURGE_QUAD_OUT(r, v)  (out_8((quad_base+((r)<<2)+1), (v)))
-#define PSURGE_QUAD_IN(r)      (in_8((quad_base+((r)<<2)+1)) & 0x0f)
+#define PSURGE_QUAD_OUT(r, v)  (out_8((u8 *)(quad_base+((r)<<2)+1), (v)))
+#define PSURGE_QUAD_IN(r)      (in_8((u8 *)(quad_base+((r)<<2)+1)) &

 /* virtual addresses for the above */
 static volatile u8 *hhead_base;
-static volatile u8 *quad_base;
+static volatile u32 *quad_base;
 static volatile u32 *psurge_pri_intr;
 static volatile u8 *psurge_sec_intr;
 static volatile u32 *psurge_start;

Also, if you have >2 CPUs, you may have to comment out the software TB
sync code, I've been told it didn't work with more than 2 CPUs.

We are working on a fix.


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