ibook, hda power off sequence (for IBM travelstar)

Karim Yaghmour karym at opersys.com
Sat Jan 13 01:56:14 EST 2001

Hello Henner,

Nice solution.

This is most usefull to me since I often change kernel versions and couldn't
afford modifying the code every time I change kernels.



Henner Eisen wrote:
> >>>>> "Andreas" == Andreas Tobler <toa at pop.agri.ch> writes:
>     Andreas> I'm also interested in this fix since I got my travelstar
>     Andreas> DJSA-220 finally to work on a WALLSTREET! I remarked the
>     Andreas> same noisy click and since the troubles I had with a dead
>     Andreas> toshiba I pay very much attention to strange noises.
> I just replaced the original 3GB hard disk (Fujitsu MHH 2032AT) of my
> revision 1 iBook by a 20 MB (Toshiba MK2016GAP) drive. This works without
> problems, except that halting the machine now also causes a rather noisy hard
> drive click.
> A quick fix to remove this for init-controlled shutdown is
> to just append a `hdparm -Y' to the /etc/rc.d/halt script such
> that the drive will put into sleep mode before power is switched off.
> The only problem is that `hdparm' cannot be the very last command because
> the last command needs to be `reboot' or `halt'. One needs to make sure
> that `reboot' or `halt' is already in the buffer cache before it is
> executed -- otherwise, the system will restart the hard drive in
> order to read the `halt' or `reboot' executable from disk. In order to
> get them (and the portions of the shell that will execute it) into the
> buffer cache, some dummy access to these objects need to be made before
> hdparm is called. The follwing modification to the tail of SuSE 6.4
> /etc/rc.c/halt scripts causes the HD noise on power down to disappear.
> I guess it should work similarly for all sysvinit based systems.
>  mount -no remount,ro / 2> /dev/null
>  sync
>  echo $message
> +cat /sbin/$command > /dev/null
> +( exec /bin/echo > /dev/null )
> +hdparm -Y /dev/hda
>  exec $command -d -f
> Henner

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