Status of PCI-PCI bridge on UMAX S900

Tibor Pausz pausz at
Sat Jan 6 06:51:03 EST 2001

On Don, 4. Jan 2001, Chas Williams <chas at> wrote:

>i was wrong about the checking for the interrupts property before
>allocating an interrupt. the correct patch follows:

It doesn't no longer crash the machine, but my ISDN card doesn't
get a correct interrupt. Excatly the some stuff w/o the patch.

Well, I didn't know if the ISDN card works at all. So I swapped
the SCSI card and the ISDN card. The ISDN card crashes now the machine,
but without the ISDN card the SCSI cards fine behind the PCI bridge :-)

I don't have any problem (yet), hdparm cache trough put around 30MB/s.

(it's a SYM 53c875 card)

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