Status of PCI-PCI bridge on UMAX S900

Tibor Pausz pausz at
Fri Jan 5 06:19:39 EST 2001

On Fre, 29. Dez 2000, Chas Williams <chas at> wrote:

>In message <200012290016.SAA25126 at>,jingai writes:
>>Doh!  I didn't even think to check if the second get_property() call
>>was returning > 0.. this fixes it!  Thanks bunches for spotting that!
>it seems like someone was confused about the meaning of the 'interrupts'
>property when they wrote prom.c.  its basically the number of interrupts
>supported by this pci device.  interpret_dbdma_props() also has the
>same confusion, so the following would be a more complete patch to
>prom.c.  note that it checks to see if a pci node has an interrupt
>property before assigning one, otherwise devices on the far side of
>a pci bridge (that shares interrupts) would be assigned interrupts
>when they dont need them.

Today I tried your patch. Well, I breaks the hole interrupt stuff.
Now, even Mesh has trouble with interrupts (kernel crash), the
console=ttyS0 doesn't work so no output from the booting ...

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