separate kernel as code segment and data segment for linux p

Gary Thomas gthomas at
Thu Jan 4 14:14:04 EST 2001

On 04-Jan-2001 Rolf Liu wrote:
> Hi,all,
> I am planning to run linux-ppc on ppc823 FADS board.
> As all know, the kernel is resided in flash rom, then upon power-on, kernel
> is copied to RAM.
> I wonder if I can just put data segment to ram and leave code segment to
> FLASH, just as uClinux
> has done. such method will save some ram space, which makes sense on
> embedded solutions.
> Can you give me a hint how to realize it ?
> Any suggestion is appreciated !

This method is called XIP (for execute in place) and is available on
some other architectures.  I don't know what it would take for the PPC,
but you could look at the work done on the Hitachi SH - I know it's supported

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