ppc initrd problem?

Thomas Graichen news-innominate.list.linux.ppc.dev at innominate.de
Tue Feb 27 18:16:13 EST 2001

Benjamin Herrenschmidt <benh at kernel.crashing.org> wrote:

>>is there any known problem with initrd's on the ppc?
>>i am currently trying to get a small initrd based standalone system
>>working on the ppc like i did for the i386
>>  http://innominate.org/~graichen/projects/miniroot/
>>to make the playing around with the xfs filesystem a bit more
>>comfortable but it does not really boot on the ppc (new world
>>mac, 2.4.1 kernel, SuSE 7.0/ppc) ...

> It's a 32Mb initrd ? Well, it's possible that it gets broken then. I'm
> not sure yaboot support such a large ramdisk. I'll give it a look.

i have uploaded my test miniroot files at


maybe it's a good start to look from


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